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Customer strategy

  • Offering loans, leases and structured equity investments for maritime industry globally.

  • Ability to provide tailor made solutions to address customer needs

  • One-stop shop financing through strong relationships with lending banks (i.e. senior + junior advance)

  • Leverage on riskier/specialized assets depending on additional “credit enhancement”

  • Typical equity investment ranges of $10-35 million

  • Ability to invest up to $200 million through co-investment from our limited partners and/or affiliated investment funds

  • Committed long-term capital from stable capital source

  • Transaction investment range of $20-200 million with project leverage

  • Typical term from 3 to 10 years depending on structure

  • Committed long-term capital from stable investor base

  • Private transactions with no requirement for market disclosure

  • Speed and predictability of execution – experienced deal team with maritime industry experience

  • Technical, operational and legal expertise in-house

  • Relationship driven, not looking for loan-to-own transactions

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